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Wizard World Chicago

by on Mar.08, 2015, under General


My Granddaughter Odessa met #norman_reedus at #Fanfest in Chicago this weekend.  She is an Artist and he was thrilled to sign the Terminus Canvas she designed.

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Celebrate…Winter is Waning

by on Mar.02, 2015, under General

Wine Bags in Our Etsy Store


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Monsters Cafe

by on Feb.28, 2015, under General


This is another 4×4 Notecard from my “Dreams on Caffeine” Collection. Soon to be available online.
I love to visit new coffeeshops while traveling…Inspiring this New Collection.  All Photographs and quotes are from my Original Coffee driven Mind.

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Dreams On Caffeine

by on Feb.26, 2015, under General

Announcing a New 4×4 Blank Note Card Line…Featuring quirky Coffee Pictures and Original Quotes.
This Collection can be purchased at MOWA…The Museum of Wisconsin Art.
Soon to be available online at 






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Here we go again

by on Sep.03, 2013, under General

With Three Jobs… My Own Art Business… Traveling… Relative Art Website….Two Twitter Accounts… Google+… And This Blog… I have decided to Become a SuperWoman in Training.

I will dust off this Social Media Entity and fill it again with The “Comings and Goings” of Lessons Learned and Successes.   I am working on quite a few New Product Lines.  I am also A new Devotee of Comic Cons.   Stay Tuned and Hold On for A Wild Ride…Superwoman

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Had to call in my Friends for a Favor

by on May.24, 2012, under General

I had to ask my New Awesome Friends to help me fend off outside time-wasters.    I need to work on The Website…,   The Relative Art Blog,  Two Pinterest Accounts,  Google Analytics,  Two Twitter accounts, My Google+ Account and Relative Art Facebook Page.  I’m putting all my Trust in these Competent Friends.


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This is not a CM111 Blog

by on Feb.10, 2011, under General

But I’m Just Saying….It Could Be.

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by on Feb.06, 2011, under General

I did get my cable bill lowered and they threw in faster internet and HBO and Cinemax. But, I am going crazy with all the choices .  First I have to sort out the inappropriate movies and then decide between new ones and the hundreds I have seen in the theatres.  And then I have to make sure I don’t miss any TV shows I am following. I need more hours in the day….about 24 more.

save me from myself

save me from myself

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Think Spring!

by on Feb.03, 2011, under General


Life is Waiting….  Think Spring

Photograph by Photographer Daniel Tilidetzke….Verse by Susan Waala

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by on Feb.02, 2011, under General

Website, Blog , Email and Text. Facebook, Smartphone, Linkedin and The Net. All My Tools of Trade that Be, but Twitter is 1st & lvd by me.
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Wisconsin Blizzard Sale

by on Feb.01, 2011, under General, Website

Blizzaqrd of 2011 Stay Inside and Shop Online….

Buy TWO “Be Your Journey” Magnets… Where Art Meets Life… and get a Third One FREE.

Mention this Ad and get (Free Shipping on all Website Orders) Shipping Charges will be refunded via paypal.

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Our Etsy Shop

by on Jan.27, 2011, under General

We were listed in this Beautiful Etsy Treasury. Check it out.

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The Last Wed of 2010

by on Dec.30, 2010, under General

In 3 days…I will dust off my resolutions from Jan 1st 2010. They were not completely abandoned …just left to settle a little longer than anticipated. Next year is one of action…not contemplation.

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Stocking Stuffers

by on Dec.09, 2010, under General, New

If anyone needs a small inexpensive gift to give for Christmas, check out our new Magnets on

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Visit Our New Relative Art ‘Be Your Journey’ Magnet Gallery

by on Nov.16, 2010, under General, New

I’ll be adding New Magnets daily. Check back often.  These Magnets are our original photographs. They will make great stocking stuffers.

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My Two Great Friends

by on Sep.26, 2010, under General, Our Celebrity Friends

Andrea and Susan Sarandon

Two Close Friends of Mine

A New Day…A New Adventure

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Our Etsy Store is now Open!!

by on Sep.22, 2010, under Etsy Store, General

Jazz EarringsCheck our this new item I just listed in Our Etsy Store

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Why Not?

by on Jul.13, 2010, under General

Since I broke both arms off my glasses…I thought I’d be cool and break the glass on my BB Curve.

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Good Morning

by on Jul.10, 2010, under General

Off to The Local Farmers Market with my Daughters…

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Broken Eyes

by on Jul.09, 2010, under General

I spend hours taping the ends back on my glasses.  I can’t see without them…so I am stepping on them, sitting on them, laying on them…whenever I take them off.  I know what you are going to say.  Just put them safely on a table or wherever.  But that’s too easy.  I tried soft contacts and it took hours to get them out.  Doctor said I had probably torn the skin of my eye as I tried in vain to remove them.  I used to wear hard contacts but now they are not tolerable.  If I get Lasik… I will forever have to carry reading glasses.  I am reading every few minutes and I would surely misplace them.  I have bought stock in Duct Tape and Super Glue for now.   Until I can afford The Super Cool Pair I have yet to find.  Please feel free to send contributions to finance my next pair.

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Needed immediately

by on Jul.09, 2010, under General

Need some Friday R & R!

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Web of Lies

by on Jul.09, 2010, under General

This Post is a Happy Update to the Previous One.    I found the Frames I am returning to Hobby Lobby.  They did not end up as a Molten Melt of Aluminum.

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No one to blame but…

by on Jul.09, 2010, under General

Why would anyone be so careless as to take the aluminum frames they were returning to Hobby Lobby to the recycling plant.  I understand I was in a hurry and had another load of scratched aluminum frames that were to be recycled.  I can beat myself up all day about this…or I can just chalk it up to the stressful frantic road I am running on right now.  And by the way…”Oops” is not the word I used.  Just saying….

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Begin to Continue

by on Jul.06, 2010, under General

After a Long Unexcused Absence… I am back to blogging.  We just got back from a short excursion to Miami.  Hot! Hot! Hot!  Still have not recovered.  We did snap some great pics though.  That Trip was great practice for our May 2011 upcoming trip to a Villa in Italy on Lake Como.  More on that later.  Having been to Italy once before…we know that they have their own Sun hovering above that country.  Much like a blowtorch.  We chose May to possibly avoid that heat.  George Clooney…make sure you are in town.

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Crunch Confessions/Workout Wonders

by on Aug.29, 2009, under General

500  Crunches – *Day 10  (9-29-09)  SUZLES

100  Crunches –  *Day 9   (9-28-09)  ANDREA

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Cinematic Opinions – A Personal Review

by on Aug.29, 2009, under General, Movie Reviews

The Time Traveler's Wife

The Time Traveler's Wife

Being an Incurable Romantic…Also believing in everything from Bigfoot to the Loch Ness Monster…Time Travel is also a possibility to me.  I loved the Movie…A Sensitive Entertainment.  Eric Bana is an absentee husband (not his fault…he is “Time Traveling.”)  Take a box of kleenex and stay out of the woods.  A Saturday Afternoon well spent.  Also you can add into the equation…Starbucks before and after.  It doesn’t get any better than that…
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Crunch Confessions/Workout Wonders

by on Aug.28, 2009, under General

500 Crunches – *Day 9  (9-28-09)  SUZLES

360 Crunches – *Day 8  (9-27-09)  SUZLES

100 Crunches + One Hour of Zumba – *Day 7  (9-26-09)  ANDREA

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